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I am pleased to present
Blessed Hope Communications
A Christian Long Distance Consulting Company

Phone Pennsylvania residents, read this page for service information specific to Pennsylvania.

Residents of other states, please click HERE for details about Blessed Hope Communications service in your state.

A Minute
Long Distance!
( State-to-State 24/7!
( No Monthly Fees!
( Six Second Billing!
( No Hidden charges!
( Home Agent Programs!
( Pennsylvania
Instate & Intralata 5.3¢
a Minute!
That's right! No gimmicks and no fine print, you pay 4.9¢ a minute on all your state-to-state calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even your interstate toll-free service is only 5.9¢ a minute! The service does not use the Internet, or any other "alternate" method to handle your calls. All calls are transported through one of America's largest, most reliable fiber-optic networks. Better yet, we have no monthly fees, six-second billing and simple, easy-to-understand billing. We like to call our unique program "Long Distance Made Simple." You will absolutely love it!

How can you offer such a low rate?
The tremendous conbined revenue of our 250,000 customers gives us the ability to negotiate incredible deals exclusively for you! Here at Blessed Hope Communications, our goal is to provide you with the lowest rate possible, and back it up with Christian principles and integrity. We realize that you are the foundation of our business. By providing low rates and service you can depend on, we look forward to saving you money and earning your trust.

Are my rates guaranteed?
Absolutely! As long as you remain a customer of Blessed Hope, your rates will not increase. Enjoy the savings and tell your friends!

How do I take advantage of these low rates?

Submit the following form electronically,
or print and fax or mail your completed form to: (814) 486-1266
Blessed Hope, 404 West Allegany Ave., Emporium, PA 15834
Local TCI1 Representative: Joseph M. DiBello

Call (814) 486-1334, 486-0405, 486-1266 and ask for Joe or Bob,
or Email jdibello@dibellosales.com

Name: Date of Birth:

Billing Address-Street:
City: State: Zip:

Telephone Number(s):(incl. area code)

Would you like TCI to handle your local long distance calls? (Not your free local calls) Monthly Usage $

I hereby authorize Blessed Hope and TCI1 to transfer my long distance service. I agree to financial responsibility for all charges arising from all long distance service provided. The service requested will be provisioned only upon credit approval. A service charge may be assessed by the local telephone company when they make the carrier change. Rates to Alaska and Hawaii are 16-cents per minute. 1100-0089

I am the person authorized to order the services on the phone line(s) listed in this agreement, and I am at least 18 years of age.
I accept all of the above conditions. Yes: No:

Customer Signature _____________________________ NOTE: Print the page that appears after you submit this page, sign and mail it to the above address.
Date: (E.g., enter as 12-15-06)
E-mail address:

When you are sure all fields have been completed, click Submit. Do not click Submit more than once!

To clear this form, click
1 TCI (total Call Internationl) requires a credit application for business accounts. TCI has a separate application to apply for a free new toll-free number. Existing toll-free numbers can be transferred. TCI offers International calling to more than 200 countries.
Updated Monday, December 11, 2006
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