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DiBello's Hoagie Menu

Luigi's Hoagies

SNACK N SHOP proudly presents the famous
The FIRST and ORIGiNAL hoagie in the area. Satisfying discriminating tastes since 1952, and still the best!
Luigi's Signature Sandwich...the culmination of the hoagie-making art. Luigi has combined distinctively flavored chopped ham, cheese, onions and Luigi's Original Recipe mild hot sauce Italiano on an 8" Italian bread roll. Delicious!
Have for lunch, dinner or a snack. Available with or without onions--please specify.
Baked - $3.30…Cold - $2.64…
For a lighter appetite, ask for our Mini Hoagie or a Sampler Hoagie.

It's the Sauce!!!

Delivery Hot Line (814) 486-1334
H ave
O ne
A nytime
G ood
I n
E very
S eason

Scroll down for Hoagies, Burgers, Fish, Chicken, Ham, Beef, Gyros, Cold Cut & more!

Luigi's Hoagie Specials
Every TUESDAY is "TWO's DAY"
Bring the family or a friend and enjoy a delicious Baked Luigi's Hoagie and get 2 for the price of one — NO LIMIT — ALL DAY — Eat In or Take Out — Available for Deliveries — May substitute cold Hoagies at baked Hoagie price.

3 for $7.00 (tax incl.)
Every 3rd Hoagie 1/2 price

ONLY $12.00 (tax incl.)
You may mix Cold & Baked HOAGIES for Specials,
** Add $0.50 / each Baked Hoagie **

(47 + 3)

Satisfies all nutrition food groups: Oils, Meats, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetable, Grain.

Great for Lunch, Dinner or a Snack. Available with or without onions—please specify. For a lighter appetite ask for our Mini Hoagie: Cold - $1.32; Baked-$1.65; Sampler Hoagie: Cold-$0.47; Baked-$0.56

LUIGI'S ORIGINAL HOAGIE, Our Signature Sandwich: Luigi has combined distinctively flavored chopped ham, cheese, onion and Luigi's Original Recipe mild hot sauce Italiano on an 8" Italian bread roll--Delicious! Baked - $3.30; Cold - $2.64; Sampler - 47

LUIGI'S CHEESE HOAGIE: Made the same as Luigi's Original, but with all cheese instead of meat. Baked - $3.30; Cold - $2.64

Hoagies In the Garden: add lettuce, tomato and onions $0.70

HAM & CHEESE HOAGIE: Chipped Ham with Cheese, served Baked or Cold, combined with your choice of condiments. Choose from catsup, mustard, relish, salad dressing, mayonnaise, Bar-B-Que sauce, onions, pizza sauce, mushrooms, horseradish, Jalapeno peppers, our own Hot or Sweet Peppers or our own Special Sauce—the most popular, an orange colored salad dressing based creamy sauce. Also available hot & spicy. Baked - $3.30; Cold - $2.64

EXTRAS, EXTRAS: Add Peppers, extra Hoagie Sauce, Ham, Cheese or Onions, for only 37 Per Item.

TRAVEL HOAGIES: Order your hoagies to take with you or to take to your friends in far-away places. Packed special for this purpose. Our Hoagies have traveled to Spain and Hawaii with satisfied Luigi's Hoagie Lovers. E-mail us at Luigis@earthlink.net.

More Delicious Specialties

HOT or SWEET SAUSAGE HOAGIE: Your choice of hot spicy Italian Sausage or Sweet Italian Sausage—combined with our specially prepared Italiano Tomato Sauce, smothered with melted Provolone, Romano, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese on a hot, slightly garlic-seasoned roll. Also served with sauteed onions and/or Peppers. 8" Hoagie Roll - $2.99

MEATBALL HOAGIE: Flavorful "Meat-Ta-Balls"—combined with our specially prepared Italian Tomato Sauce, smothered with melted Provolone, Romano, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses on a hot, slightly garlic-seasoned roll. 8" Hoagie Roll - $2.99

LUIGI'S PIZZA BURGER: Grilled Seasoned Sirloin Burger topped with Luigi's delicious pizza sauce & 4 cheeses melted. ½ pound before cooking. Served on an 8" Italian bread roll—Special $3.99 - OR ½ roll ¼ pound sirloin burger—Special $1.99

LUIGI'S HOAGIE BURGER: Grilled seasoned sirloin burger topped with Luigi's delicious Hoagie Sauce, onions & melted cheese. ½ pound burger before cooking. Served on an 8" Italian bread roll—Special $3.99 - OR ½ roll ¼ pound sirloin burger—Special $1.99

CHEESE STEAK HOAGIE: Grilled Sirloin Tip with melted cheeses & salad dressing or mayonnaise on an 8" roll with sauteed onions—topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pepper rings, and onions and a flavorful dressing, Parmesan & Romano cheeses. $3.99

Ask—Our Cheese Steak Hoagie is available with whatever is available in house.
Have it YOUR way!

HAM, CHICKEN, PORK or BEEF BBQ: The traditional Old West taste of smoked red BBQ sauce covers one-quarter pound chipped ham, chicken, beef or pulled pork on an 8" Hoagie roll—Special $1.98           $2.99

TUNA HOAGIE: Made with salad dressing and light onioins on an 8" roll.   $2.40

BAKED TUNA MELT: Italian bread roll, melted Provolone & Mozzarella cheese, tuna, light onions, lettuce, tomato and dressing.   $3.39

BREAST O' CHICKEN HOAGIE: 5 oz. of marinated, boneless chicken breast, fire roasted to sear in flavor to a golden brown outside and moist inside. Placed on a warm hoagie roll, topped with lettuce, salad dressing, tomatoes, a flavorful dressing and Parmesan & Romano cheese, or available as Chicken Parmesan on a garlic roll.   $3.99

FISH FILLET: Two pieces oven-baked breaded Haddock on our 8" Hoagie roll with your choice of catsup, tartar sauce, salad dressing or cocktail sauce.   $2.39

BAKED PEPPERONI & CHEESE HOAGIE: 8" Italian bread roll covered with pepperoni, smothered with melted Provolone, Romano, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses, with lettuce, tomato, onions and Italian dressing. Available with Pizza Sauce.   $3.49

BAKED ITALIAN COLD CUT: Same as above with the addition of Genoa Salami & Ham Capocola.   $3.99

GYROS (pronounced Yee Rows): Made on light & fluffy, warm Pita Bread combined with our specially prepared beef & lamb, seasoned with special herbs and spices. Served with onions, letuce, fresh tomatoes and special Gyros Tzatziki Cucumber Sauce.   $4.80

CHICKEN LICKENS: ½ LB boneless Chicken, roasted like our Wings, but without the Bone (Who Needs Bones!?) Served with your choice of dressings: Mild, Hot, X-Hot, Garlic & Butter, Sweet & Sour, Barbecue, Honey Mustard or Plain with House Seasoning. (more for your money than wings.)   $3.99

DON'T FORGET: Look for Luigi's Hoagies and other fine Luigi's brand products throughout Cameron, Elk, McKean & Potter Counties in PA in you favorite Stores or Taverns. Weekly delivery available in above counties for FUND RAISERS and BULK HOME ORDERS. Hoagies "buy" the dozen of 1/2 dozen, also Luigi's/DibBello's Peppers/Sauces/Specialties.

How to Bake Our Hoagies at Home: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place roll on baking pan, butter lightly, place meat on baking pan, remove roll after GOLDEN BROWN ( about 2 min.), remove meat when it starts to sizzle (about 3 min.). Salt and butter top of roll & enjoy!

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