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Let the friendly folks at Luigi's help guide you!
Call us at 814-486-1334 or
We'll be glad to start you on your way!
Our fund-raising program users meet their fund-raising goals
with the help of Luigi's delicious produces...
...let us prove it to you!

.....Everybody loves an old-fashioned Italian-style pizza or hoagie! So what better way to raise funds than to sell these two old-time favorites? We can offer you either of these delicious products to help your organization raise the needed funds.

.....Let us put you into the profit-making picture with a profit of $1.00-$2.00 per Pizza Kit, or approximately 50-75 per Hoagie. We will guide you through your Pizza Kit and/or Hoagie sale from the beginning, providing you with advertising signs and order forms to take pre-orders. On your designated delivery day, we will deliver quality fresh products ready to be distributed to your customers.

.....When you choose the DiBello's Pizza Kit, you are choosing a tasty pizza, packaged by a reputable firm who knows how to make a good pizza! We use only the finest ingredients available: 100% real dairy cheeses, Swift or Hormel premium pepperoni. These kits are supplied in 9", 12", 16" or Sicilian crust sizes. From our experience over the years, we've found the 12" to be the best seller. Each kit consists of crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni, which are packaged separately. These kits are convenient for instant use, or for refrigerator or freezer storage.

.....Along with DiBello's Pizza Kits, you can offer your area something delightfully different--the famous Luigi's Hoagie. This is the original Luigi's Signature Sandwich! Luigi has combined distinctively flavored chopped ham, cheese and onions with Luigi's "Original Recipe Mild Hot Sauce Italiano" on an 8" Italian bread roll. These Hoagies are delicious, served hot or cold for lunch, dinner or snacks. Luigi's other fine products and gift certificates are also available as a fund raiser.

.....If your organization would like to make their own food items for fund raising purposes, we can supply you with all the needed ingredients, such as Luigi's Hoagie Sauce, rolls, ham, cheese, pizza crusts, and so forth!

.....We can help your organization raise the money it needs .... we've proven it time and time again to our many customers throughout our service area! Write or Call Joseph M. DiBello, and let us prove our success to you!

DiBello's Sales
Joseph M. DiBello, Owner/Manager
404 West Allegany Avenue
Emporium, PA 15834
(814) 486-1334
E-mail: jdibello@dibellosales.com

As a cooperative effort, some schools and organizations have jointly raised funds by having several groups sell at the same time, splitting profits accordingaly. This provides funds forseveral groups over teh same sale period. Many groups use our Fund Raisers on a repeat basis for annual, semi-annual or quarterly sales.

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